Mister Brendan Healy | 20th of November [2015]
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20th of November [2015]

by Lars Noren, Buddies in Bad Times

The 20th of November is a searing indictment of the complacency of contemporary life and a howl of anger for the outcast and oppressed. With text largely taken from the video diaries and blog of an actual German school shooter, acclaimed Swedish playwright Lars Noren insists that we bear witness to the rage and torment of a young man who feels dispossessed and alienated.


Written by Lars Noren
Translated by Gordon Rand
Directed by Brendan Healy
Starring: Sina Gilani
Set and Costumes: Camellia Koo
Lighting: Rebecca Picherak
Sound & Music: Richard Feren
Produced by Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Production stills by Jeremy Mimnagh